Convert - CDA to HTML

POST /convert/v1/cdatohtml

This operation converts a CDA document into human-readable HTML.

Inputs and Outputs

The input is a single CDA document for a single patient. Supported CDA formats/versions are:

  • C-CDA R1.1/R2.1
  • HITSP C32 CDAs

The output is a formatted HTML file suitable for human review.

Error Handling

If the input data is invalid (such as improperly-formatted XML), the HTML file will not be created and a “bad request” response returned.

However, in many cases the Convert service can continue processing even when there are issues with the input data, such as missing fields or unexpected data types. In such cases, invalid data will simply be omitted from the resulting HTML.

Data Format

The input is XML and the output is HTML, so be sure to specify the following request headers:

  • content-type: application/xml
  • accept: application/html


Try It
Try out the operations, with examples, in the Developer Portal Sandbox.

CDA documents and the formatted HTML files are verbose, so this just shows a small sample to illustrate how the data is structured. For a more complete example, try out the API in the Developer Portal Sandbox.

For example, a patient node in the CDA XML:

Sample Input
  <patient classCode="PSN" determinerCode="INSTANCE">

would result in HTML similar to: