Using FHIR Resources

You can use the FHIR Resources for a variety of use cases:

  • Querying for available code systems, codes, or value sets – (See CodeSystem Resource)
  • Translating source data into a reference (See ConceptMap Resource and $translate operation). This functionality is also available via the domain-specific standardize operations.
  • Grouping, categorizing, or enhancing codes (See ValueSet Resource and $classify operation). This functionality is also available via the domain-specific classify operations.

Use cases vary mostly in the source data domain (medications vs. problems vs. procedures, etc), value set scope (e.g., CCSR Category vs. LOINC - Component etc), and value set use (e.g., grouping vs. categorizing vs. enhancing).

Two of the most common use cases involving FHIR Resources are covered in detail:

Other common use cases are listed below in brief:

Use Case Examples:

Value Set Scopes

Value Sets
Retrieve a list of medication
classes related to a condition
Medication MedRT - May Treat Bacterial Infections [M0002126]
MedRT - May Prevent Endocarditis, Bacterial [M0007393]
DiagnosisCode MeSH Diagnostic Group Bacterial Infections [M0002126]
Endocarditis, Bacterial [M0007393]
Retrieve a list of all drugs
containing an ingredient
Medication RxNorm - Ingredient lisonpril
RxNorm - Multi Ingredient amoxicillin / clavulanate
Identify strength of a medication Medication RxNorm - Strength 125MG
Retrieve COVID19 vaccinations Medication
COVID-19 COVID19 Vaccination
Retrieve COVID19 labs LabObservationType COVID-19 COVID19 Lab Tests Antigen
COVID19 Lab Tests Antibody
Retrieve HbA1c labs LabObservationType LOINC-Component Hemoglobin A1c/ [Component]
Retrieve vital signs LabObservationType LOINC-Component Vital signs measurements [Component]

The most commonly used value set scopes available in Orchestrate are listed in Commonly Used Value Set Scopes.