Hash Demographics

POST /hash

Clients using privacy-preserving (blinded) mode will have their own local hashing service instance. This service takes unblinded demographics information and returns a hashed payload for use with the blinded Identity API methods. See Privacy-Preserving (Blinded) Mode for details.

Body Data

firstName string
middleName string
lastName string
maidenName string
gender string

A HL7 administrative gender category code (i.e., male, female, other, unknown).

race string

A HL7 race category code (e.g., 2054-5 means “Black or African American”).

homePhoneNumber string
cellPhoneNumber string
email string
dob string

Date of birth in yyyy/mm/dd or yyyy-mm-dd format.

street string

Street address.

city string
state string

Two-letter state abbreviation.

zipCode string

Postal or Zip code.

mrn string

A medical record number, often used by electronic medical record systems.

hcid string

A Health Card Identifier, such as an enrollee ID on an insurance plan.

ssn string

Either the full 9 or last 4 digits of a Social Security Number.

medicaidId string

The Medicaid ID number.

Response Data

data string

The B64 encoded hash provided by the local hashing service.

version integer

The version number provided by the local hashing service.

advisories object

Contains advisory messages about the operation.

advisories.invalidDemographicFields collection

A list of demographic field names that were not used for matching because they contained invalid values.